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Hey Queens Meet Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell | Leading Through Living Community LLC

Who is your target audience? People who wish to face and overcome the fears in their lives to total freedom!

Where are you located? Atlanta, GA

Why did you start your business or organization? I am a Supreme Performance and Professional Development Coach who has spent a lifetime working to mask my fears and self-doubt behind achievements and accolades. As an attorney, CPA, certified Christian Life Coach, New Thought Practitioner (minister) who also ran a publishing company with 7 bestsellers and media company that published 5 magazines, I've run up the Corporate Ladder seeking externally what can only be found within: personal freedom. And that only comes from eclipsing the fears in our lives. It was not until my health forced me to close my media company after 5 years of success that I knew something had to give, and it was not going to be "not one more" piece of me. I'd already given my uterus, cervix, ovaries, several inches of my bowels, appendix, and blood pressure. I got still and silent, and listened. That is when I heard the call to revamp my coaching business to help people like me: successful business owners and creatives to eclipse the fears that stem from self-doubt and unforgiveness.

How are you helping people with your business or organization? Through a series of coaching techniques and programs, I guide people to confront the things that scare them and embrace themselves completely. All effort that we put forth in this world stems from one of two places: love or fear. When we eclipse the fear, there only leaves love. Love is freedom and joy. We are able to live in excellence, succeeding in our businesses, relationships, with our family and in our communities.

What is the significance of your business or organization? Leading Through Living celebrates life in the eternal moment of NOW. We work in joy (enjoy!) and excellence to inspire people to know their dreams are INpossible, run the full range of their potential, and do the spectacular. Every platform - training, immersive experiences, webinars, social media, books, and app - are all focused on one thing: eclipsing the fear in our lives so we may enjoy complete freedom - at home, at work, in our communities, and in our relationships.

What motivates you to continue in your business or organization?

Once fear is faced and released, you are free to embrace the awe-mazing within. This newfound power allows my clients and community members to be prosperous and successful in all areas of their lives. "Faith without work is dead" says the Good Book. The work requires us to be focused, excited, and prepared to receive the fruits of that faith. I thoroughly enjoy guiding people through the process of to reap the harvest!

Do you have any upcoming events to share? My national book tour for "Knocked Down, Set Straight" is in full swing, so I'm excited about sharing my story to help thousands of people nationwide to eclipse their fears! I also have several speaking engagements coming up, so be on the look out so we may meet up!

What are your social media handles? Instagram: @lynitamitchellblackwellesq, Facebook and LinkedIn is Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, and Twitter is @lynitamb


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