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Hey Queens! Meet Lyndosha Jamison | Matchless®

What’s the name of your business or organization? Matchless®

Why did you start your business or organization? 2017

How are you helping people with your business or organization? Matchless fulfills a unique space in the women's empowerment sector by serving individuals who are uniquely committed to both their business and personal development. My vision is that the brand continues to help women who are at the intersection of their self-growth journey and their financial-growth journey, for I believe that the two go hand in hand.

What is the significance of your business or organization? There are some amazing women leading extraordinary brands in the women's empowerment space. A few of my personal favorites include Oprah, Marie Forleo, and Myleik Teele. Each woman in the sphere has a unique approach to the topic. Some of these leaders empower women by focusing on interpersonal relationships. Others are committed to empowering women through content that focuses on emotional or mental healing.

However, Matchless® is unique in that I am an attorney leading my brand from the unique perspective that I have as a legal advisor. Different attorneys possess different gifts. Some of my colleagues are great orators. Some of them are fantastic jurist and writers. I am an amazing strategist. As a healthcare lawyer, my legal practice focuses on advising medical professionals in a variety of civil and health law matters. I am a strategist. My commitment is to provide practical solutions to the complex issues medical professionals face daily. Furthermore, many of the dilemmas that my clients face arises out of a concern with money. My work as a lawyer focuses on advising my clients on many different financial matters, this is why money and a woman's relationship with money will continue to influence direction we take with Matchless®.

I read an article once that said that poverty is a woman's issue. According to a study in money magazine in 2018, women invest less and carry more debt than men. I don't think that it is wise to ignore our financial well-being as women. As such, I am doing something about it. You can find the link to the article here:

What motivates you to continue in your business or organization? I believe in taking care of myself mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Although Matchless® is a new brand, I have been doing this work for most of my life. I created Matchless® to share this truth with other women. I will continue to be an ambassador for this message through the brand. I hope that it will be a part of my legacy.

Do you have any upcoming events to share? My annual retreat is scheduled for Saturday August 31st, 2019. You can purchase tickets at the following link:

What are your social media handles? Instagram @matchlessliving: Youtube: Lyndosha E Instagram: @lyndosha


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