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Hey Queens! Meet Jenni Steele | Jenni Steele Foundation / YANA Project

What’s the name of your business or organization? Jenni Steele Foundation / YANA Project

Why did you start your business or organization? As a teenager I found myself in an unhealthy relationship there was a lack of education ,advice ,support and services for teens in unhealthy relationships and to this day sadly there still is.

I made a promise to myself that once I got myself out of the darkness , rebuilt my life , my self worth and confidence I would come back and build a support system and education program or project around healthy relationships for the next generation of me.

How are you helping people with your business or organization? Today I am a qualified practitioner in early intervention and prevention solutions based around youth violence, domestic violence , sexual violence and child sexual exploitation.

We have a healthy relationship film and education package with a 121 mentoring support service for teenage girls and boys.

What is the significance of your business or organization? YANA Project aims to work with young people who have directly been affected by gang related violence, sexual grooming, exploitation, domestic violence and abuse.

The long term purpose of the program is to help the young people to recognize and accept their self worth, build their confidence and recognize situations that pose risk and reduce the long term harm.

What motivates you to continue in your business or organization? Today I am happy, bold , confident with a beautiful family which includes 2 grandsons.

What happened to me as a teenager did not and should not define our lives with the right support, guidance information and listening ear I believe anything is possible.

Young people need to know that life is not an easy road for many of us and that’s ok with hard work , determination, support and self belief we can still break family cycles and achieve great things in life“I know because I have been there and I have done it and if I can you can” my determination to succeed in creating a project that will support a legacy of change for generations to come motivates me!

Do you have any upcoming events to share? Not at the moment as most of our work is within schools and colleges or on a 121 basis do check out the trailer of my short film on teen DV on my website. You will have to book a teen healthy relationship group session if you want to see the whole film. We are based in London and are international drop us a line let’s work!

What are your social media handles? @officialjennisteele @jennisteelefoundation


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