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Hey Queens! Meet Tamill Harris | Sisterly Sentiments

What’s the name of your business or organization? Sisterly Sentiments

Why did you start your business or organization? I started my business because after living through and going through so much, I wanted to help women get through things by encouraging them and inspiring them to live the best version of their lives.

How are you helping people with your business or organization? My mission is to help equip, empower, and encourage women to accept and live their God-given identity. This has morphed into a business where we encourage on a daily basis, we have started a sisterhood membership part of the business where we have events, webinars, workshops and provided exclusive content to women to help them be self-confident, have more self worth and love for themselves. We provide resources for business owners as well as personal development coaching on a one-on-one basis.

What is the significance of your business or organization? Sisterly Sentiments is significant because we not only want to build up every woman individually, but we want to build a thriving sisterhood where women are supporting, encouraging, accepting, and loving each other.

What motivates you to continue in your business or organization? I see the need of empowering and encouraging women because sometimes we carry so much on our shoulders. Sometimes in life we are faced with so many of life’s issues that it takes a toll on us personally and our relationship with God. I also see that there is a need for a sisterhood. Women need other women rooting for us and loving on us.

Do you have any upcoming events to share? I have events scheduled for September and October. Check back on my website for more information.

What are your social media handles? IG: @tami617 or @sisterlysentiments FB: /sisterlysentiments Twitter:@sissentiments


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