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Girl Let's Talk Atlanta Authors Confessional

Girl Let's Talk Atlanta hosted our 2nd annual Authors Confessional in Atlanta, GA on June 15th at King + Duke. This event is our effort to connecting African American women through literature. This event featured 8 authors in Atlanta with books in the Fiction, Non Fiction and Christian categories. We explored each author as an individual and as an phenomenal writer, author and influencer. We could not have asked for a more dynamic group of women to participate, each woman was authentic and honest about their views and opinions. Girl Let's Talk Atlanta would like to thank each author for attending such an amazing event.

Anissa Blair - Your Husband My Man (IG @annisadblair)

Loraine Trammell - Walking in Faith During A Storm

Dedra Allen - To Love Semir White (IG @dedrais2much)

Nicole Wilson - 100 Percent Virgin (IG @missgeorgiaplusamerica2019)

Della Mack - Confident is She (IG macks.perspective)

Paige Frost - Conditional Love (IG @southernbell423)

Shawana Brooks - My Agape: A Memoir (IG @shawana_f_brooks)

Londa Adams - Relinquish or Reposition? (IG @changewithlondaa)

Authors Confessional
Girl Let's Talk Atlanta

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