Girl Let's Talk Media Coverage

Would you love GLTA to come out to your event and capture those mind-blowing moments? Here's what you get. Starting at $550.00


  1. Provide Media Exposure Through GLTA Social Media Channels Prior and After Event (Share event flyers and info)

  2. Go Live from the event to create visibility through our channels. 

  3. Speak with Vendors and Highlight them via Live Feed

  4. Speak with a few attendees to get their reactions and feedback via Live Feed

  5. Provide a write up of the event for press 2-3 days following the event.

  6. Interview any guest speakers who'd be open. 

  7. Each event comes with 1-2 GLTA Personnel.

  8. You must have a designated area for GLTA.

Girl Let's Talk Marketing

You're planning an event and need help with marketing, no problem we'd love to provide professional services to you. Check them out.


  1. Event Website (Recommended for annual and quarterly events)

  2. Event Social Media Visuals  (For speakers & vendors)

  3. Event Ticket design (for digital and print)

  4. Event Video Promotions (Speakers, Vendors etc)

  5. Event Social Media Page Set-Up (Mass invite your network)

  6. Social Media Management (Includes daily posts about event and engagement posts.

Live Remote

We bring our set to you.

Have guests sit down with us for an event recap and on the spot interviews. $550.00

Promote On Our Platforms
Promotions are always $1 Per Post Per Day with a minimum of 7 days. If you do not have an ad. We can create one for $10.00 
About our Audience:
Atlanta Women 
  • Ages: 18-14 (8%)
  • 25-34 (37%)
  • 35-44 (35%)
  • 45-54 (15%)
African American 
  • Entrepreneurs, New Business Owners, Net-workers, Event Goers, Travelers, Bloggers, Educators, Coaches
  • Interests Include Arts, Business, Food, Music, Traveling, Dining, Empowerment, Causes, Fitness, Nutrition, Religious, Millennial, Skill Building, Problem Solving, Politics, Economics, STEM, Film, Production, Media, Writing and more.

Get Social With Girl Let's Talk Atlanta

  • Recorded on location interview

  • Podcast Guest (Open Topics)

  • Event Speaker for any GLTA upcoming events.

  • Feature Interview on IG LIVE

  • Blog Feature via GLTA Blog

  • Social Media Promo (1 Week)



Girl Let's Talk Atlanta

  • Our Advertising & Marketing Services require at least 3 Services.

  • Tailored packages are available.

  • Must acquire services for more than 2 months from the event date.

  • Partnership contracts are available.

  • Sponsorships available for Atlanta Events Only

Stats From GLTA Instagram, Facebook Page & Facebook Group plus other media we appear on. 

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